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About Company

Wesson is an innovative commercial construction company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. Wesson uses the latest technology and its relationships with subcontractors to deliver consistent, efficient results. We actually do what so many construction companies can only promise.

WESSON CONSTRUCTION will be the leading general contractor known for quality, efficiency, and supporting clients and employees on the journey to build what’s next.

WESSON always delivers quality construction solutions by constantly evolving, adopting new technology, and staying responsive to ensure a great experience for our diverse community of clients and stakeholders.

The Wesson family has a long tradition of construction professionals who mastered the art of construction. This family legacy has fueled Mr. Wesson’s love of the business and fostered his aim to become a leader in the construction industry. His passion for construction started when he was a young child, going out on the construction site with his granddad. He acted as apprentice to his grandfather, a master electrician, developing his love for the business while still in high school.

Wesson went on to Tuskegee University to secure a B.S. degree in Construction Management, then on to receive his Masters in Project Management before serving his country in the Army National Guard as a Commissioned Officer. He worked for African American construction companies who served as mentors to him as he grew in his career. After trying other trades, Wesson kept coming back to his dream of owning his own construction company so that he could create those same opportunities for young and talented engineers and tradesmen.

He founded Wesson Construction Services to be an innovative, forward-thinking, service-focused construction leader that could also provide employment to those who looked like him, and be a viable option for companies that sought to do business with minority-based customers.

Wesson’s Core Values
What our clients have to say
Client Interview

Overall, very impressed… know how to bid on projects in a smart manner and very selective. They are honest on what they can and can’t do versus just taking on a project to get the money appreciates the honesty. They do many change outs.

Client interview

Very responsive…gets to request and email/phone on time…Always willing to adjust to client schedules and last-minute meetings. Pretty modern in their approach. Use the best technology and already aware of the latest technology.